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Aug 5

For my Star Wars buddies of old. This is an amazing cover. :)

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Jun 9


Lady Han Solo and Slave Prince Leia Photo shoot 

Cosplayers: C&C Cosplay

Photographer: Zach Picard


I wish everyone who visits our website, blog, Twitter & Facebook could see this piece in person. I just know my words, and our photos, won’t do it justice, but let’s try. 

Aled Lewis handmade a 30 foot cross-stitch tapestry that tells the ENTIRE story of Star Wars. EVERY moment. Every character. EVERYTHING. I’ll let him explain:

A hand-stitched cotton thread on 30 foot of continuous length of 7 stitch per inch Klostern fabric. Stiffened with a thin batting and hemmed with a custom-made printed pixel star farbric on rear. This cross-stitch tapestry depicts the Star Wars saga (so far) from Episode 1 through Episode 6. Quotes from each movie are written in Aurebesh on the surrounding border. Chanelling the Bayeux Tapestry.

30 feet x 13 inches

It’s so crazy. And yes, quotes from the movie are represented by Aurebesh lettering as the border. The detail and scale of this one is just unreal. If you live in LA, or are going to visit, PLEASE stop by G1988 (West) and take a look.

AND if you have some dough, and want to have a piece in your home/work that makes people want to never leave or stop talking about it, here is the link to buy:


May 8




so much of the problems anakin has with the jedi come from the fact that he doesn’t feel things quietly. he loves with all of himself, he hates with all of himself, his joy and his sorrow and his rage are all all-consuming. he’s got the potential for unlimited compassion, but also for unlimited rage. s’why dooku says he has a “gift of fury”

i think that might be part of what makes his relationship with padme so incredible but it also makes it rlly unhealthy because he’s a possessive asshole and she keeps all of her feelings in moderation.

this thing is also the reason why the death of qui-gon jinn is so absolutely pivotal to the fall of anakin skywalker.

because qui-gon found a way to be at piece with feeling things, with living in the moment.  he called it the “living force,” which is different from the unifying force in that the unifying force places focus externally, on the future and other people and self-abnegation, the living force focuses sort of more immediately.  like, if we were to compare these conceptions of the force to lenses, the living force has a shorter over-all focal length but it allows for tighter close-ups and getting into smaller, more confined spaces.

qui-gon, as a practicioner of the living force, mastered how to focus on singular people and the immediate moment in a way that i don’t think obi-wan ever quite mastered or even could have explained, and that’s not a detriment to obi-wan at all — obi-wan is much more suited to being the connector, the person sort of helping a living-force practitioner to the larger unifying force focal length.

but anakin doesn’t know how to deal with being naturally inclined to immediacy and detail-focus, and everyone else is trying to push him to look at things from a unifying-force perspective, and he’s just not inclined that way and we get all this bullshit about the sith and passion being bad and whatnot out of that.

idk i have a lot of feelings about qui-gon jinn.

May 5




I don’t give a fuck I’ll reblog this whenever I see it

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May 4

happy star wars day! may the fourth be with you!

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Epic Villians Club
By Zach Jordan

Fuuuuuck yes! XD


Epic Villians Club

By Zach Jordan

Fuuuuuck yes! XD



The coolest scene of all the Star Wars movies!

fact: boba fett is a mad playa 

So forgot about this! One of those tiny details insanely-Star-Wars-mad-teenager-me noticed many moons ago… *le sigh*



The coolest scene of all the Star Wars movies!

fact: boba fett is a mad playa 

So forgot about this! One of those tiny details insanely-Star-Wars-mad-teenager-me noticed many moons ago… *le sigh*


  • What Jedi say: Emotions lead down a dark path.
  • What Jedi mean: Calm your tits before you hurt somebody.
  • What Jedi say: The Force shall reveal the time for action.
  • What Jedi mean: Nah.
  • What Jedi say: I sense darkness in you.
  • What Jedi mean: Hey, asshole.
  • What Jedi say: The Force works in mysterious ways.
  • What Jedi mean: That's the worst question I've ever heard.
  • What Jedi say: I will meditate on your words.
  • What Jedi mean: Go fuck yourself.
Feb 2

Speaking of, how would you fancast Star Wars rule 63?



AHHH thank you so much for asking!! Note that my knowledge of actors is pretty limited and outdated… and this list is pretty much exactly the same as anghraine’s fancast, because I’m very unoriginal how can you change something that’s already perfect. :D



Scarlett Johansson as Anakin Skywalker. She has the right look, is a great leading actress and we know she can do action with charisma and intensity. (there may be some slight personal bias here because she also gives me the same “maddeningly attractive” vibe as Hayden Christensen ahaha)


Cate Blanchett as Darth Vader. Not gonna lie, 200% of my motivation for this was to cast Vader. She even looks fitting (not that it would matter with the scarring and mask though), has the compelling, resonant voice you’d need to make it work, and can be downright terrifying. asfhlskl Cate Blanchett as one of the most iconic villains of all time?! would be so perfect, I would actually just lie down on the floor and never, ever get up again.


Gaspard Ulliel as Padmé Amidala. It was actually quite a challenge to cast Padmé, because I was looking for that sort of timeless, “angelic” beauty with an air of thoughtful regality, before remembering Gaspard! Most of his films are in French, but I think this would actually add an interesting contrast when playing opposite Anakin. (with bonus young!King Amidala up there :D)


Kate Winslet as Obi-Wan Kenobi. OTOH there were a few contenders for Obi-Wan, but Kate stood out as carrying all the qualities of the Negotiator, bringing in a calm and reserved competence with class, charm and wisdom.


Katee Sackhoff as Lucy Skywalker. That boyish grin, that emotional range between wide-eyed idealism and spirit that grows into maturity and badassery, she even rocks the Luke Skywalker hair - how much more perfect can it be?! (Starbuck’s character reminds me a lot of Anakin, but Katee seems to have a lighter, Luke vibe)


Ben Barnes as Prince Lei Organa. Not only does he looks bizarrely like Carrie Fisher (and with basically the same hair as Gaspard Ulliel?!), he’s also played a few badass royals and it would be great to see him in Leia’s role.


Milla Jovovich as Hana Solo. Another tricky but very fun role to swap! Milla could do the cynical deadpan snarker thing, is at home with guns and action, and has that mix of playful confidence and swagger.

I’m sorry this is getting so long, but some more epic ladies from the prequels and original trilogy:


Emma Thompson as Qui-Gon Jinn (the wise and nurturing mentor, in an earthy and offbeat kind of way), Helen Mirren as Countess Dooku (always refined and wicked cultured), Gina Torres as Mace Windu (such badass, much awesome, do I really need to explain this), Rinko Kikuchi as Darth Maul (she’d rock the getup so hard, with people wondering about her stature before she attacks in a whirlwind of savagery)


Judi Dench as Empress Palpatine (come on, were you really expecting anyone else?! this is too perfect for words?!), Glenn Close as Old Ben Kenobi (pulling off the ‘kooky hermit’ side of Old Ben, with an introspective sadness), Maggie Smith as Wilhemina Tarkin (as soon as this clicked I was just YES Maggie would make the best Grand Moff ever), Zoe Saldana as Landa Calrissian (playing the smuggler-turned-politician with smooth charm, sass and efficiency!)

… okay I may have spent way too long looking for photos. -_- BUT I REGRET NOTHING BECAUSE I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.